Partnership Strategies

Collective Impact on the Ground: Managing through the First Phase of a Collaborative Process (lead author, co-published in May 2017, Stanford Social Innovation Review)

Behavioral Science and Transportation

Unpacking the Influence of Social Norms and Past Experience on Commute Mode Choice. (2019, Journal of Behavioral Public Administration)

Community Context, Human Needs, and Transportation Choices: A View across Bay Area Communities (lead author, co-published in 2017, Journal of Transport Geography)

More than Good Intentions: The Role of Conditions in Personal Transportation Behavior (lead author, co-published in 2016, Local Environment: The International Journal of Justice and Sustainability)

Environmental Behavior’s Dirty Secret: The Prevalence of Waste-Related Topics in Discussions of Environmental Concern and Action (co-published in 2016, Environmental Management)

Everyday Life Behavior and the Environment: The Role of Self-interest, Conditions, and Learning in Personal Transportation Choices (2015, Dissertation)   – Dissertation Abstract Matt Biggar Nov 2015   – References

Environmental Education

Book Review: Failure of Environmental Education (and how we can fix it) (published in 2012, Journal of Environmental Studies and Science)

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