Connected to Place

Consulting Services

Connected to Place supports the Design, Implementation, Leadership and Evaluation of Smart, Efficient and Impactful Networks for Social Change. With expertise in network strategies, collective impact, qualitative research, education reform, sustainability, behavioral science and sustainable transportation, Matt Biggar, Principal of Connected to Place, supports networks, partnerships, collaboratives and organizations in improving communities, the environment and our individual quality of life.

Writing: Community and Nature in Everyday Life

Matt Biggar, Ph.D., writes about living connected to place in Medium and his blog.

Connected to place is about finding meaning, happiness and hope in our everyday lives and communities.  Strong relationships among people, nature and organizations in the local context promote individual, community and environmental well-being. Living deeply connected to place is entirely possible but requires transformative change in conditions encountered in our everyday life.

    • Nature is abundant, accessible and nearby.
    • Public Space is safe, attractive and car-free.
    • Transportation: healthy, active transportation modes are available and easily accessed.
    • Building Energy is locally produced and conservation is the default choice.
    • Food: Local, healthy and seasonal food is available and affordable.
    • Material Goods can be easily shared and treasured with minimal waste.
    • Business: local businesses, products and services are abundant.
    • Schools are integrated with the community and organized so that students learn regularly in the community and local nature.
    • Raising Children: children have regular access to safe spaces and activities in their community.
    • Travel: regional destinations are the norm for most vacations, and technology along with strong local economies minimize the need for business trips.
    • Urban Planning: communities and neighborhoods are inclusive and designed for mixed use so that diverse individuals can live, work, shop and recreate locally.