Consulting Services


Matt partners with collaboratives and organizations engaged in social change, education and sustainability.

  • Primary services are strategic planning, meeting and retreat facilitation, implementing collaborative approaches, qualitative research, report writing and presentations.
  • Clients include Cities Connecting Children to Nature-San Francisco (a cross-sector collaborative), California State’s Environmental Literacy Steering Committee, ChangeScale (a regional environmental education collaborative), San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, Stanford University, and San Mateo County Office of Education.
  • Prior work has included research and advisory services for Stanford University Parking and Transportation Services, California Academy of Sciences and numerous high schools.

Matt provides expertise in the following areas.

  • Partnership strategies among organizations (collective impact, network leadership, etc.)
  • Strategic planning, implementation of activities and measuring progress
  • Qualitative research methods including community listening sessions, in-depth interviews, photovoice and purposive, paired sample design
  • Meeting facilitation (use Essential Facilitation methods )
  • Sustainable living as nexus of environmental, community and individual well-being
  • Behavioral science including the role of context, lived experience and human needs
  • Behavior change strategies including use of social and cultural influence, technology and learning
  • Educational approaches, formally and learning in everyday life
  • Personal transportation behavior and alternative transportation options
  • Commute alternative programs


Matt has 25 years of combined experience as an organizational leader, educator, researcher and consultant. Matt earned my Ph.D. at Stanford University and conducted interdisciplinary research  involving environmental sustainability, behavioral science, behavior-related learning, personal transportation choices, and collaborative approaches to social change among organizations. Prior to his work in social science research, Matt served as an administrator and teacher in the public school system for 17 years, including 6 years as a high school principal and 3.5 years as a district associate superintendent. Matt has been deeply involved in change efforts throughout my career.