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Climate Change and How We Respond

Here in the Bay Area, we are greatly saddened by the immense loss of lives, homes and buildings in the recent North Bay fires. So soon after the hurricanes that caused heavy damage in Texas and theCaribbean and devastation to islands like Puerto Rico, anticipation of more severe weather events weighs on all of us.…

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Behavior Change Research, Strategic Planning and Environmental Literacy (Newsletter)

I hope you are enjoying the long days of summer and finding time to connect with your local environment, community and the people in your lives. I’m pleased to be supporting clients through a variety of projects that all strive, in different ways, to improve the well-being of individuals, communities and the environment. Behavior Change Research In June,…

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Children and Nature Initiative + Transportation Research (Newsletter)

Welcome to my inaugural newsletter! These past few months, I’ve been getting to better know leaders, organizations and collaboratives working on sustainability and conservation in the San Francisco Bay Area. There are many and they are doing such critical, inspiring work. I facilitate and support strategic collaboration among such organizations, helping to advance social change…

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